28 Star Fishing was born out of me searching for new sandbass lures and finding so many great handmade, custom lures that I started to track the websites. I discovered that there wasn’t a page where I could go to find all of my favorite custom baits and lures in one place, so I put together a links page for my own use. Seeing that others may be searching for the same types of lures I was tracking, I decided to share the links page on multiple forums and the links continued to grow with suggestions from fellow fishermen.

  I also saw that many of my favorites did not have a way to place email orders, so I began creating websites (for free) that listed pictures and prices for an email form order to support these custom lure small businesses. To be honest, I don’t know where this is headed, but it’s been fun for me to connect with so many great bait creators and fisher-people across Texas and beyond. What started as something to make it easy for me to find my favorite baits has turned into an adventure that I’m truly enjoying.

  Whether you’re looking for your favorite jig or hoping to grow your orders, hope you find what you’re looking for at 28StarFishing!

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